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We are an experiential educational program for students in high school and university courses.  We offer an extensive and stimulating University program curriculum that accompanies our longer programs.  

The PEDAL for Change field curriculum is comprised of activities and tasks for participants of PEDAL for Change programming in Ecuador. Included in the field curriculum are activities to take place before, during, and after participants’ PEDAL trips (all are required for those partaking in PEDAL for college credit). This programming, or the “field curriculum”, consists of a pre-trip reflection, journal activities, contribution to the PEDAL periodical, trip-specific activities, and a capstone experience. Each of these items is explained in detail in the following pages.

  • Pre-Trip Reflection

  • Journal

  • PEDAL Periodical

  • Trip Activities

  • Capstone

  • Comprehensive Student Evaluation 

Please email us at to see our complete curriculum.  
We also offer a curriculum for students in middle schools that follow the work of University students.  A short description of the student activties:  

One aspect of PEDAL for Change programming is exchanging stories and experiences with others in order to teach others about your experience, learn about the experiences of others, and deepen your understandings of your own experience. To accomplish these goals, you will document your experience with PEDAL for Change, create a presentation of your experience, and share your story with partnering middle school students, who will also be sharing their stories with you. Each phase of this process is explained in greater detail below. 


Again, please contact us at for the full curriculum.