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PEDAL for Change brings students from all over the world to the small but incredibly diverse country of Ecuador in South America. Ecuador is quickly growing as one of the world’s top destinations for travelers from all backgrounds due to its high variety in environment, culture, flora and fauna.

Located in the north west of the South American continent, Ecuador is nestled between Peru and Colombia and boasts four distinct regions: Pacific Coast, Andes Mountains (Sierra), Amazon Jungle, and Galapagos Islands. Each one of these biospheres is as rich and distinct as a complete world on its own, and PEDAL participants have the opportunity to explore them all. Take a look at our sample itineraries to see a few of our destinations. Remember, every PEDAL trip is different and is custom designed for each group, so if you’re looking for something longer or shorter or different from what you see on our website, just let us know—we can do it!