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Sierra to Amazon

8 Day Adventure

Be more than a tourist

Don't just visit the Amazon, give back to the Amazon

Trip Highlights
  • Pedal from above 9000ft to the Pacific Ocean
  • Experience indigenous culture in a community run by women
  • Ride under active, snowcapped volcanoes

Overview Embark on the trip of a lifetime with PEDAL for Change. This 8 day experiential learning adventure will take you from high in the Andes Mountains all the way to the Amazon Jungle. Along the way you will experience dramatic climate and geographic changes and learn about the diverse ecosystems of Ecuador, as well as the sustainability challenges faced by the regions we visit.

While mountain biking beneath snow capped volcanoes, white water rafting, and exploring ancient caves and dramatic waterfalls is sure to be a blast, the highlight of this trip is the experience of living and working with the Sinchi Warmi community. This is a truly unique and unforgettable experience, guaranteed to transform you and your world views.

All PEDAL for Change trips emphasize environmental sustainability, cultural respect and exchange, and community building. Our mission is to empower youth through cycling to live simply, consume locally, work together, and strengthen community. We invite student groups from around the globe to embark on this adventure with us.