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PEDAL for Change Safety Policy

PEDAL for Change believes in prevention. In order to operate the safest possible adventure, we adhere to the following safety procedures:

Emergency Vehicle: PEDAL for Change has an emergency vehicle/ support vehicle that accompanies all adventure activities during the trip.

First Aid Training: PEDAL for Change requires first aid training for all guides. The Trip Leader is trained as a Wilderness EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Vehicles and guides carry first aid kits.

Safety training: Participants on PEDAL for Change Adventures are properly trained for all activities and in safety procedures.

Emergency Plan: Every program has a detailed emergency plan with routes, numbers and directions of medical care along the route.

Emergency GPS Spot Tracker: PEDAL for Change carries a GPS spot tracker on all adventures for cases of remote travel.

Travel Insurance: We offer travel insurance. All participants are required to have travel insurance.