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PEDAL For Change Curriculum

PEDAL for Change was founded on the principles of promoting understanding and respect for both the environment and indigenous cultures. We believe that the best way to do that is through immersion. Every activity and destination included in our trips has a distinct educational focus which is highlighted through our custom made Trip Notes Books that are given to each participant. Each group is accompanied by a PEDAL trip leader, who serves as a translator, guide, and educational facilitator. PEDAL activities and excursions are also accompanied by local guides, who are experts in their region.

Apart from the destination based material, the PEDAL team works closely with school administrators and teachers before each trip to design a custom curriculum that meets the needs of each school or group. While many groups come for a general Ecuadorian experience, some have specific academic interests such as biology, Spanish, colonial history, indigenous cultures, environmental conservation, or sustainable development. We design our itineraries, destinations, and activities to meet the needs of our students, and the same goes for our curriculum.