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Edge Students doing a PEDAL for Power fundraiser


“They’re not just traveling through places, they’re getting immersed in them. The more we can stay in touch and follow their lead, the more we’ll benefit from what they’re doing.”   -Lowell Whiteman School 


“Wow, Looks like you are right about achieving anything if you set yourself to it.” -Stephan, April 11 2011





Founded in February 2010, PEDAL For Change provides exceptional education opportunities to a diverse group of students.  Founders Rayna Weiss and Emily Colin are passionate about abroad experiential educational ventures since their life changing education at the Lowell Whiteman High school.  PEDAL has grown into a progressive non-profit with collaborating members in both the United States and Ecuador.





Empower youth through cycling to live simply, consume locally, work together, and strengthen community.

A world in which communities and individuals across the globe unite to utilize effective methods of environmental collaboration, live in a sustainable manner, and build lasting relationships with each other and nature.




Sharing knowledge and experience through education,communication, and discussion and taking action to join 


communities’ efforts.

Environmental Awareness
Engaging in sustainable practices and raising environmental awareness through community collaboration.

Being accountable for your actions.  Taking care of and giving back to your own and visited communities.